The Experience

Emerge212 takes space and transforms it into dynamic experiences. Whether you have space or need it, you will come into contact with our four key brand pillars, which form the foundation for how we work, interact and strive to redefine real estate.

  • Our business model is space that is boutique in quality and experiential in style
  • We stay ahead of the curve by offering the latest in real estate solutions
  • We promote an ambitious community by providing our clients with innovative ways to realize their visions both creatively and financially
  • We are authentically New York, reflecting the city's innate verve, style and creativity

The Concept Space Experience

First-floor retail or multi-level warehouse, Art Deco landmark or post-modern skyscraper, uptown penthouse or downtown loft. This diversity of settings can only be found in one place: New York City. Through Emerge212 Boutique Concept Space, you have access to a multitude of authentic New York City spaces and experiences. Simply log into our comprehensive portal with your unique profile and username to find the space you need to execute the vision at hand.